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Dwyer Music Classes

Dwyer Middle School's Music Department provides comprehensive instrumental and vocal development offerings. Our advanced classes are part of the school's Academy for the Performing Arts Junior (APA Jr.), a pathway to the HBHS APA programs. Our music classes allow students to realize their fullest potential while interacting with peers who share their passion for the Arts. Involvement in music not only increases self-esteem but often raises the level of academic achievement as well. More importantly, our students learn musical skills, develop lasting relationships with their peers, and acquire a lifelong appreciation for music.

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2023-24 Audition Application

2023-24 Music Calendar


All music classes are yearlong courses, except Commercial Music (which runs for a semester at a time, but feel free to take it for two semesters in a row!). 6th graders are welcome to join all Dwyer Music courses instead of the Elective Wheel. All classes are open to 6th, 7th, or 8th graders.


  • Concert Band (Band 1): Beginning concert band class
  • Concert Orchestra (Orchestra 1): Beginning strings class
  • Concert Choir (Choir 1): Beginning choir class
  • Rising Waves (Show Choir 1): Beginning choir class w/ dance choreo
  • Commercial Music: Commercial music class


  • Wind Ensemble* (Band 2): Advanced concert band class
  • String Ensemble* (Orchestra 2): Advanced strings class
  • Vocal Ensemble(Choir 2): Advanced choir class
  • Ripple Effect* (Show Choir 2): Advanced choir class w/ dance choreo

*APA Jr. class (selective, audition-based)

Promo Videos

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Commercial Music Promo Video

Dwyer Chorale

Dwyer's premium choir! Singers from our Vocal Ensemble (Choir 2) and Ripple Effect (Show Choir 2) combine to participate in this advanced ensemble. They represent our city, district, and school at various festivals and competitions throughout the country (and the world)! Someday, we plan to be invited to the World Choir Games! Here’s a short clip of highlights from our 2022 NYC trip to perform in Carnegie Hall!


Dwyer Music Program Highlights
  • We have a culture of cultivating competent musical teams!
  • We're a supportive group! You instantly become part of a tight-knit music family, and we always have each others' backs!
  • We journey together! We participate in the Disney Imagination Campus Workshops annually. We also attend the Heritage Festivals.
  • We get invited to perform in various venues and events like; the LA Angels stadium, for the Harlem Globetrotter basketball games, at Chapman University & Sonoma State University for state-level choral festivals, and even to Carnegie Hall (New York City) for a national choral festival!
  • We perform for all sorts of school-wide & district-wide events too!

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General Info
YouTube: Dwyer Music

Mr. Reyes
Bands & Choirs
YouTube: Reyes

Ms. Homann
Orchestra & Commercial Music
YouTube: Homann

Dwyer's Music Department offers a variety of music classes ranging from beginning to advanced skill sets. Some of our classes do not require an audition. Our advanced classes are part of our school's APA Jr. program - a pathway to APA at Huntington Beach High School. Most of our offerings are yearlong classes.

Students currently enrolled in beginning/intermediate level Dwyer Music full-year elective(s) will be evaluated within their class(es). Thus, it will not be necessary to schedule an audition. However, an Online Application should still be submitted.

Classes that DO NOT require auditions (open to beginners) are:

  • Concert Band (Band 1)
  • Concert Orchestra (Orchestra 1)
  • Concert Choir (Choir 1)
  • Rising Waves (Show Choir 1)
  • Commercial Music

APA Jr. Music Classes (audition required):

To initiate the audition process, please complete our Online Application. You will be contacted shortly after you have submitted your application. To ensure proper and timely communication, please provide us with a reliable and valid email address in your submitted online form.

Details of audition requirements for each advanced music class can be found in their "Audition Checklist" document (see below). Click on "Audition Checklist" for your choice of music class and review the required audition materials to help you prepare for a successful audition.

Required audition materials such as sheet music can be found below:


  • President - Zoe Ferguson

  • Vice President - Owen Perkins

  • Secretary - Naomi Colodny & Antonio Lopez (Elect)

  • Historian/Librarian - Haley Dang & Lyra Piccinino

  • Treasurer - Sabrina Lopez, Audrey Le

Vocal Ensemble
Ripple Effect
Wind Ensemble
Commercial Music


Kylie Aviles

Haley Dang

Joleen Vansomphone

Naomi Colodny

Graeden Edwards

Vice President

Audrey Le

Lauren Woodley

Owen Perkins

Lucy Dawson

Serena Haider

Student Conductor

Emma Gutierrez

Cole Lassig

Sabrina Lopez

William Barnes

Dance Captain

Mackenzie Jasper

Sophia Linh Le

Samantha Ball (Vice)


Lyra Piccinino (Elect)

Addison Beutner

Jayden Lee

Bella Nguyen


Addison Beutner

Jayden Lee

Bella Nguyen

Section Leader

Joseph Bray

Rex Emch

Roxanna Escalera

Zoe Ferguson

Jorgeluis Jaime

Chloe McClaren

Sydney Menchaca

Lyra Piccinino

Samantha Robles

Charissa Bui

Siena Chee

Jillian Cheng

Addison Beutner

Seamus Conwell

Brady Dorfman

Joey Gonzales

Jayden Lee

Sabrina Lopez

Addison McCoy

Bella Nguyen

William Barnes

Naomi Colodny

Lucy Dawson

Amelia Nguyen

Makayla Ordaz