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Bus Regulations

District-provided transportation is a privilege, not a right.  It is important that students who ride the school bus conduct themselves in an orderly, safe manner.  Students who ride the school bus must not eat candy, gum, or other food while on the bus; use profanity or vulgarity toward another student or the bus driver; deface the bus; fight; or deface public or private property at the school bus stop.

The bus driver has complete authority over the students while on the bus. Students may be removed from the bus for a specific period of time or indefinitely upon parent notification for violating any of the above rules.

Safety Policy

The following inappropriate and potentially dangerous behaviors are not allowed: physical contact, even on friendly terms; sitting on, climbing over, sliding down, and standing on railings; running up and down the stairs; running through the hallways; running haphazardly on the fields; and throwing objects.

Visitor Policy

All visitors to Dwyer must check in at the office, obtain a visitor’s badge, and wear this badge while on campus. Students from other schools are not allowed to accompany Dwyer students to class.  Students from other schools may NOT attend classes with a Dwyer Student or remain on the campus.

Building Supervision Policy

Students are allowed into the school buildings ONLY when the first bell of the day rings, during passing period and briefly when school lets out.  Students are not allowed inside the buildings without supervision at any time.  After the office is closed at the end of the day, students are expected to leave the buildings.  Students who have business inside the office must have a pass to identify their purpose for being inside the building.

Classroom Supervision Policy

Students must have a teacher in the classroom at all times.  Students are not allowed to be left alone or left with other students in the classroom.  Teachers may provide a pass for a student or group of students to meet in a classroom for lunch provided there is teacher supervision available.

Passing Period Policy

Students at Dwyer have a four minute passing period between each class period.  These periods are provided for students to move to their next class, get a drink of water, and use the restroom.  Student MUST walk in hallways and throw trash into their proper receptacles. Students must walk on the right side of the direction they are walking for traffic flow. There is to be no loitering in the halls after the tardy bell has sounded.

Lunch Procedures And Behavioral Expectations

The cafeteria serves a complete lunch, which students can purchase with cash or a lunch ticket, as well as a la carte items.  Students must know their ID#s in order to use the electronic lunch ticket system.

Lunch Line and Cafeteria Rules

General Lunch Period Rules

  • Go directly into the cafeteria at the beginning of lunch.
  • Students must always sit while on the amphitheater steps while eating.
  • Students must not cut into the lunch line.
  • Once in the cafeteria, find a seat quickly.
  • After students sit down to eat, they may only get up when they are finished eating and have been dismissed by the supervisor. 
  • Any deliberate spilling of drinks or throwing of food is prohibited.
  • Throw away trash, leaving your table clean for the next person using it.


  • Students must refrain from climbing over or on, or sliding on, the rails.
  • Stay away from backpacks and  backpack area.
  • Students must consume food and beverages only in the cafeteria/amphitheater.
  • Remain on the field when done eating, and must have a pass to be out of the lunch area.
  • Students must stay on campus.  City gym property is considered off campus and off-limits to students.
  • Students must stay away from the fence.
  • The upper basketball courts may be available for a small group of students to play basketball.
  • The front steps are to remain unblocked at all times.
  • The PE locker room is off-limits but passes to the library are permitted.


Lunch supervisors have the authority to give GRITcoin or consequences/ infractions to students. The following consequences may be assigned:

  1. Sit in an assigned area until a lunch supervisor or an administrator tells the student to leave.
  2. Pick up trash in field area as assigned by lunch supervisor or administrator.
  3. Go to the front or end of the lunch line.
  4. Separate from group.
  5. Assign cafeteria clean up.
  6. Confiscate property that is dangerous.
  7. Refer students to office for disciplinary action.

Equipment Checkout During Lunches

Students may check out sports equipment from a lunch supervisor with a Dwyer ID card during lunch periods and are responsible for returning this equipment when the shower bell rings. The cost for lost or damaged equipment is the responsibility of the student who checked out the equipment.

Personal Property Regulations

Students are discouraged from bringing to school any personal property that is not directly related to their instructional program. THIS INCLUDES ITEMS THAT ARE IN BACKPACK OR PE LOCKER.  Students are not to bring personal items such as watches, jewelry, or clothing that are fragile, expensive, or possible obstructions. Students are not to bring Ipods, MP-3 players, radios, cameras, laser devices, bluetooth speakers, or valuable toys.  Cell phones must remain out of site and NOT BE USED AT SCHOOL.  If a student brings any of these items to school and staff or administration detect it, the item may be confiscated and a parent may be required to pick the item up from an administrator.  The school is not responsible for any student’s personal property or amount of money that is lost, stolen, or items damaged at school.

Skateboards/roller Skates/roller Blades/scooter Policy

HBCSD prohibits roller skates, in-line skates, and mopeds on campus at any time. If these items are brought to school, they will be confiscated and kept in the office until a parent comes to retrieve them. Parents will be notified via ParentSquare, in a letter mailed home, or in a PTSA newsletter of any changes to the above standard as trends change.  Students may receive an “Exemption Pass” issued at front office by the Principal only for special transportation use.

Bicycle Policy

Students are welcome to ride bicycles to school if they abide by the following rules:

Wear a helmet and have it buckled as required by state law.  The administration will confiscate a student’s bike if he doesn’t wear a helmet and keep it in the office until the student produces a helmet.

Lock your bicycle and put it inside the bicycle rack before school begins.

Lock your bike individually, not to another student’s.

Stay away from the bicycle rack except when parking and picking up your bicycle.

WHEN ON CAMPUS WITH A BIKE, YOU MUST WALK IT AT ALL TIMES; This includes on the sidewalks on 14th St., 17th St. and Palm Avenue.

The bicycle rack will remain locked during the school day. The school does not accept responsibility for bikes that are damaged or stolen. Teachers will be on duty by the bicycle rack 15 minutes prior to school starting and 15 minutes after school lets out. If students remain at school after teachers have completed their duty, students must make arrangements for the safety of their bikes since the bike rack will not be locked.