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Be Prepared to Learn

  • Attend every class, every day without coming in late.
  • Students must know and follow classroom rules.
  • Bring a backpack that contains your materials to every class, every day (materials may include:  school planner, notebook, lined paper, pens pencils, ruler, dictionary, translator, highlighter, etc.)
  • Complete work assigned in every class, every day.
  • Complete homework and projects when assigned; turn these in on time and done to the best of your ability.
  • Participate in class discussions (raise your hand to answer questions, focus on the lesson, take notes and review them for clarification, etc.)
  • Seek help from a classmate, tutor, aide or teacher when necessary.
  • Use good judgment at all times while at school and traveling to and from school. 
  • Fight the urge to have a poor attitude about learning.